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Soul Trap – The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Guide

Soul Trap – The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Guide

Soul Trap is an Apprentice level Conjuration Spell. This spell will fill a Soul Gem if the target dies within 60


Hello and welcome to another skyrim tutorial, in this video i will show you where to obtain the unique dagger blood thorn,this dagger has the soul trap enchantment on it,you can dis enchanted this item to learn soul trap and enhance any weapon of your choice with it.
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How to use soul trap spell on skyrim

A tutorial on how to use a soul trap

Skyrim – How to Fill a Black Soul Gem

Skyrim – How to Fill a Black Soul Gem

Here’s an easy guide on how to fill a black soul gem in Skyrim.

This is a simple tutorial that will show you the step by step process of filling a black soul gem. You can then use it for whatever you fancy (especially curing vampirism!)

Step by step guide:
1. Obtain the spell “Soul Trap” if you don’t already have it.
2. Find a worthy human sacrifice (bandits are best).
Note: It has to be humans otherwise the black soul gem will not fill.
3. Equip the soul trap spell.
4. Walk up close to your target and cast the spell on them.
5. Kill the target within 60 seconds.
6. Check the black soul gem in your inventory and if done correctly, should now be filled with a greater soul.

A link to the list of Bandit locations for your soul trapping:

Before you use the black soul gem can I persuade you to duplicate it first? Black soul gems are quite rare to come by and they’re very expensive to purchase from vendors. A duplication glitch can solve these problems for you.

I made a video recently on how to duplicate items in Skyrim and it’s a faster version! It can be found via this link:

You don’t have to use it if you don’t want to, but you may regret it down the line!

If you’re struggling in anyway then leave a comment below so myself and other viewers can attempt to help you.

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