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Sage Robe – Elden Ring Guide

Sage Robe – Elden Ring Guide

The Sage Robe is an Armor piece found in Elden Ring, and is part of the Sage Armor Set, which contains Sage Hood, Sage Robe, and Sage

Elden Ring – How To Get All Armor Sets Part 1 (+ All Altered & Individual Pieces)

Elden Ring – How To Get All Armor Sets Part 1 (+ All Altered, Individual Pieces, Special Headgear & Chest Pieces)
This Video Series Cover All Type Of 126 Armor Sets Some Are Legendary, Unique, Secret & Boss Armor With Stats Showcase.

Part 2 (Final) Link:- https://youtube.com/watch?v=TAJ49HR7iMc

Time Tag:-
Exploration & Bosses Sets:-
1.Kaiden Set 00:00
2.Knight Set 01:26
3.Iron Set 02:15

4.Champion Set 03:04
5.Perfumer Traveler’s Set 04:11
6.Land Of Reeds Set 05:29
7.General Radahn Set 06:20
8.Crucible Tree Set 08:25

9.Astrologer Set 14:29
10.Sage Set 15:23
11.Juvenile Scholar Set 16:56
12.Prisoner Set 19:51
13 & 14.Blue Cloth Set & Carian Knight Set 22:06
15.Queen Of The Full Moon Set 26:42

16.Mushroom Set 28:26
17 & 18.Bloodhound Knight Set & Gelmir Knight Set 31:04
19.Marais Set 35:25
20.Briar Set 37:10
21.Confessor Set & Guilty Hood 40:30
22.Noble’s Set 42:33
23.Battlemage Set 43:42
24.Prophet Set & Consort’s Trousers 44:59
25 & 26.Tree Sentinel Set & Crucible Axe Set 46:16

27.Ronin Set 51:01
28.Vagabond Knight Set 52:29
29.White Reed Set & Okina Mask 54:07
30.Veteran’s Set 57:09
31.Fingerprint Set 58:56
32.Zamor Set 01:00:55

33.Night Cavalry Set 01:04:15
34.Black Knife Set 01:05:34
35.Sanguine Noble Set 01:06:39

36.Drake Knight Set 01:08:01
37.Malformed Dragon Set 01:09:16
38.Maliketh’s Set 01:10:19

Questline Sets:-
Village Of The Albinaurics Questline With Armor Sets Guide-
39.Royal Remains Armor Set 01:11:50

Sellen Questline With All Armor Sets Guide-
40 – 42 & I1.Eccentric, Witch’s Glintstone Crown, Azur’s Glintstone & Lusat’s Set 01:15:12

Volcano Manor Questline With All Armor Sets Guide-
43 – 51.Scaled, Raging Wolf, Traveling Maiden, Hoslow’s, Leather, Guilty, Bull-Goat, Consort’s & Beast Champion Set 01:31:25
1.First Do Not Kill “Knight Bernahl” Npc & Do Not Defeat “Rykard” Boss
2.Go To The “Volcano Manor”
3.Talk To “Queen” Then She Give You “Drawing-Room Key” In “Volcano Manor”
4.Take The “Letter” In The Drawing Room
5.Defeat The Invader “Old Knight Istvan” & Get The Armor Set “Scaled”
6.Talk To “Queen”
7.Take The “Letter”
8.Defeat The Invader “Rileigh The Idle”
9.Talk To “Queen”
10.Talk To “Knight Bernahl” Npc Then He Give You Letter For The Armor Set “Raging Wolf” & Take The “Queen” Letter To For The Armor Set “Hoslow’s”
11.Defeat The Invader “Vargram The Raging Wolf & Errant Sorcerer Wilhelm” Then Get The “Raging Wolf” Armor Set
12.Defeat The Invader “Juno Hoslow,Knight Of Blood” Then Get The “Hoslow’s” Armor Set & Also Take The “Traveling Maiden” Armor Set Near The “Juno Hoslow” Invade Sign
13.Talk To “Knight Bernahl” & Get The “Reward”
14.Go To The “Murkwater Cave” & Open The “Chest” Get The “Guilty Set”
15.Do Not Kill The “Patches”
16.Rest The Any “Site Of Grace”
17.Go Back To The “Murkwater Cave” Open The “Chest”
18.Rest The Any “Site Of Grace”
19.Go Back To The “Volcano Manor” & Then Talk To “Patches”
20.Rest The Any “Site Of Grace”
21.Talk To “Patches” Then He Give You “Letter”
22.Defeat The Invader “Great Horned Tragoth” & Get The Armor Set “Bull-Goat”
23.If You Killed The “Patches” Then He Give You The Armor Set “Leather”
24.”Black Hood” Found In A “Chest” Behind The “Illusory Walls” In “Sage’s Cave”
*Note:- “Black Hood” Part Of “Leather Set”
25.Talk To “Queen” & See The “Lord”
26.Defeat The “Rykard”
27.Talk To “Knight Bernahl” & “Queen”
28.Rest The Any “Site Of Grace”
29.Go Back To “Site Of Grace” Where You Defeat The “Rykard”
30.Kill The “Queen”
31.Defeat The Invader “Tanith’s Knight” Then Take The “Consort’s Set”
32.Defeat The Invader “Knight Bernahl” & Get The Armor Set “Beast Champion”

Ranni Questline With All Armor Sets Guide-
52 – 55.Snow Witch, Preceptor’s, Black Wolf Mask, Blaidd’s, & Spellblade Set 02:01:15
1.Go To The “Renna’s Rise” & Take The “Snow Witch” Armor Set
2.Go To The “Seluvis Rise” & Take The “Preceptor’s” Armor Set & “Black Wolf Mask”
3.Go To The “Ranni’s Rise” & Defeat The “Blaidd” Get The “Blaidd’s” Armor Set
4.Go To The “Roundtable Hold” & Talk To “Sorcerer Rogier” Until He Not Give You The “Spellblade” Armor Set
*Note:- For “Snow Witch, Preceptor & Spellblade Set” You Must Complete Half Of “Ranni Questline”
For “Blaidd’s Set” You Must Complete Full Of “Ranni Questline”
“Sorcerer Rogier” Only Come “Roundtable Hold” After Defeat The “Godrick”
Ranni Questline:- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZdtyH-1GQAk
Elden Ring – All Weapons & Armor & Ashes Of War & Spells & Secret Locations Guide & Gameplay

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Yura’s Full Questline Walkthrough | Yura’s Location & Ronin Armor Set | Elden Ring

STEP 1: Meet Yura (Lake Agheel South) 00:00
STEP 2: Kill Flyinh Dragon Agheel 01:26
STEP 3: Report Back to Yura 02:36
STEP 4: Defeat Bloody Finger Nerijus 04:00
STEP 5: Meet Yura (Outside Murkwater Cave) 05:25
STEP 6: Assist Yura against Ravenmount Assassin 06:47
STEP 7: Meet Yura (Raya Lucaria) 08:07
STEP 8: Meet Yura in Altus Plateau (Take Nagakiba Sword) 09:42
STEP 9: Defeat Eleonora (Reward: Eleonora’s Twinblade “Poleblade”) 11:32
STEP 10: Meet Shabriri at Zamor Ruins 12:05
STEP 11: Ronin’s Armor Set 14:55

How to Use Dragon Hearts: https://youtu.be/zdNCtmY2Tyc
How to Activate the Grand Lift of Dectus: https://youtu.be/0PFO3vWSajs
How to reach Grand Lift of Rold: https://youtu.be/se6z7b2zFzQ

This is the Gameplay Walkthrough of ELDEN RING (2022). This Walkthrough is a step-by-step guide of YURA’s Full Questline in Elden Ring. This guide will also show you all the locations of Yura, Hunter of Bloody Fingers and will also show you how to get Yura’s Armor Set (Ronin Armor Set)

Elden Ring Game Guide: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL_l3PEDN9zYhVme9xDud2bRSNCcWbgwKG
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Elden Ring Mage Armor Sets : Sage Robes Location Early!

Elden Ring Mage Armor Set location Early: Sage Robes!
�� Best Starting Mage Build Guide: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LA9lL0U4C24 &list=PLl_Xou7GtCi4yw5FczYRUasUNhBgHHrnC &index=1
�� Best Mage Sword Location: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DTa5QPW7Epg &list=PLl_Xou7GtCi4yw5FczYRUasUNhBgHHrnC &index=2

The mage build astrologer class starts the game with the Astrologer armor set which is one of the best mage armor sets in Elden Ring until much later in the game. The Sage Robes are a lighter version of mage armor with lower resistances and physical armor rating. You can easily obtain the Sage Robe set early game in the opening gameplay since you don’t need to defeat any bosses to get the full armor set. The sage robe hood is the only item worth equipping for better stats despite its higher weight value. For more Elden Ring mage build tips and tricks check out the Mage build guide below for the best spells, weapons and staff location for a mage character.

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➖ Time Stamps ➖
0:00 Sage Robes Set Summery
0:30 How to reach the location
5:27 Sage Robe Set Location (Stillwater Cave)
6:51 Sage Robe Set VS Astrologer Set

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