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Listening Post Bravo – Fallout 4 Guide

Listening Post Bravo – Fallout 4 Guide

The area known as Listening Post Bravo is a base Location in the Northeastern area of The Commonwealth. It is located to the South of Breakheart Banks, and

Fallout 4 Part 209: Listening Post Bravo

Hi friends,

In this video we do Listening Post Bravo.

This area is quite small, but contains a good bit of loot.

Before going in, take out the two turrets above the door. Inside will be a hostile protectron. The sealed cage has a locked door (advanced). Inside are some ammo and junk.

Next, unlock the terminal (expert) and turn the power on to the elevator. Take the elevator down. In the cave area, you’ll fight a Yao Guai. Follow the cave to the other side of the lower level. Here you’ll find some Grape Menstats.

Fallout 4 Lore | Listening Post Bravo: What Exactly Happened Here?

In this episode, we explore Listening Post Bravo and attempt to answer a number of questions: What happened to Sergeant J. P. Renkse? How on earth did a Yao Guai get down into the bunker? How did it survive for over 200 years? And many more!


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Fallout 4- The Legend of Listening Post Bravo

Fallout 4- The Legend of Listening Post Bravo- An old listening post, Spooky terminal entries and supernatural occurences. This and more in this episode of Fallout 4- Legends of

Listening Post Bravo:
An old military listening post, its located near Dunwich Borers, which might explain some of what is going on here. We find 2 bodies, and some very strange terminal entries. Entries that suggest events of a supernatural nature were occurring here. We also come across an impossible Yao Guai.

I hope you enjoy the episode 🙂

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