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Who is Morgan Stark in Avengers: Endgame? Tony’s Daughter Has a Comic Book Version

Who is Morgan Stark in Avengers: Endgame? Tony’s Daughter Has a Comic Book Version

We take a closer look at one of the new characters introduced in Endgame and the role they might play in the future of the MCU.

Richest Marvel character

When I tell you “the richest character of Marvel” you probably thought of Tony Stark, but no, it’s not Tony Stark. Tony’s wealth comes from his father Howard Stark and his weapon company, and he is definitely a rich man. But not the richest. Then you might think it’s black panther, but no, he is not the richest one either. The richest character of Marvel is Thor! The reason is that his father Odin conquered dozens of places for thousands of years. From there he probably looted so many precious things. And all the treasure now belongs to Thor. So Thor is the richest one. Wait… Asgard destroyed in ragnarok… Richest Marvel character is Tony Stark himself! Wait… He died… MORGAN STARK! There you go. Morgan Stark is the richest character of Marvel

How Tony Stark And Pepper Potts’ Daughter May Be Revealed In Avengers Endgame

Could Tony Stark and Pepper Potts Have a Daughter in Endgame?

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With details scant from the notoriously tight lipped Marvel Studios, fans have been left to find clues anywhere they can. Whether it’s from errant Instagram posts, toy releases or someone letting Tom Holland talk a little longer than he should, fans are left to parse out the details and piece together the clues. One of those clues came in the hint of actress Katherine Langford’s new hair color and a quick conversation between Pepper Potts and one Tony Stark.

Could Tony’s dream and Langford’s hair indicate that we’ll see the future daughter of Stark and Potts when Endgame hits theaters? There are clues that hint at both obscure comic characters and promises of things to come in the Marvel Cinematic Universe that suggest we might. How she’d fit in and how would that even work? Let’s take a look.


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What If Spider-Man Snapped In Avengers Endgame?

What If Spider-Man Snapped In Avengers Endgame?

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What If Spider-Man Snapped In Avengers Endgame?
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